Welcome to BlackArtConnect, a free art marketplace that seeks to empower thousands of artists by helping them reach new audiences and sell their work more easily. BAC gives you access to a wide range of high quality products, just waiting for your designs to make them even more amazing and original. We coordinate everything from printing and shipping through to ongoing customer service, giving you more time to focus on creating great art and design (and occasionally watching silly videos on the Internet). partners with a vast network of websites targeting professional African Americans including,,,,,, and, in total reaching more than 2 million subscribers.

We want to publish your artwork and avail it to our network of more than 2 million professional African Americans, who are most likely, your immediate buying audience.  We take our brands to all 105 HBCU campuses, as well as to select events attracting thousands of African Americans.  We’re marketing experts and artists who are passionate about marketing African American art and artists.


To publish your art, we print images using your provided high-resolution photo/scan of your image, or you may arrange to mail your original work to us to be scanned.

All of our published artists receive a pre-negotiated commission rate for each image and are paid monthly based off of revenue after any associated shipping costs.

To discuss options with a member of our Publishing team, please email:


Be prepared to submit the following:

  1. Artist’s bio (Click Here to view a sample bio)  Be sure to include any website and up to 3 social links.
  2. High-resolution image of your artwork in one of the following formats:  JPEG, GIF, TIFF,
  3. Insured original artwork may be arranged to be shipped directly to our printing facilities, where our graphic designers will create a proof of your artwork and send to you via email and US mail for approval (This service is provided at no up-front charge.  The cost of shipping proofs to you is recouped from your initial commission.)  Once approved, we will add your art to our exclusive catalog and sell either limited editions, or art lithographs of your work to audiences within our network, making your work available to millions of subscribers.  For a list of the sites we’re partnered with, visit:
  4. Your PayPal email address (Payments will be made to you via PayPal only).
  5. Contact Information


Print-Ready Artwork:

To submit Print-Ready Artwork, view the following resource, then contact us at:


Tips and Tutorials for photographing your artwork:

How to Photograph Your 2D Art the Right Way